Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Extra Virgin First Cold Press Olive Oil (750 ml)

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We carry the world’s best extra virgin pure extra light olive oil with less then 0.8% oleic acid. Our extra virgin olive oil is first cold pressed, that is, the oil is extracted without heat or chemical refining, simply by mechanical pressure to squeeze the fruit juice from the olive. 

Like wine makers in Bordeaux or chocolatiers in Switzerland, every step of olive oil production is handled with meticulous attention to details. For generations, our producers have carried on the legacy of our ancestors, producing some of the purest, most delicious olive oil “vintages” in the world with a distinct and fruity flavour. 

While commercial manufacturers often “blend” olive oils, we grow and press our olives, without the use of pesticides or chemicals – a single variety of Gemlik Black Pearl olives. These olives are renowned for the superior oil they produce and are  never blended.