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Uzel Olive owner hand-picking black pearl olives

Uzel Olive & Olive Oil has been in olive business for over three generations and has been in the North American market since 2007. Our aim is to bring the world’s best olives and olive oil to Canadian consumers directly from the soil that grows olives for more than two centuries. Our company embodies the spirit of legend, purity and tradition. They are the pillars of our family-run business and our commitment to you.

Growing top quality olives with traditional methods, we proudly produce Black Pearl Premium Gourmet Olive for over hundred years. Our olives are hand-picked and seasoned with only natural spring water and natural sea salt without the use of any additives and preservatives. Their high oil content makes them very versatile for curing in different methods. The combination of such favourable characteristics gives rise to the world’s best olives with high oil content, thin-skinned, meaty body (85%) and unique flavour. The total process, including traditional stone vats fermentation for eight months, enables us to say that we produce "The Best Breakfast Olive in The World”.

We carry only the best olives supplied directly from our family estate or local growers. All of our products are single origin, from one specific town in Turkey. The unique characteristic formation of our olives is the combination of many factors such as geographic structure of the region, weather conditions, temperature and humidity ratios, raising techniques, regular maintenance and production method.

Note that black pearl olives grown outside this region will never be in the same formation or the taste. Black Pearl Premium Gemlik Gourmet Olive was granted with the “Black Pearl Premium Gemlik Gourmet Olive Geographic Mark”.

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